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How you can use video marketing for your cafe

11th November 2019

You don’t need fancy gear or a production team to record your own video. The number one tool you require is in your pocket. But what can you shoot with your smartphone?

Here are 3 types of videos you could shoot using just your smartphone:

1. Live Video

Record your kitchen in action on a busy night, introduce the team and chefs, showcase the food – show everything that makes your restaurant unique. A live video helps give customers an inside look into what goes on behind kitchen doors. 

2. ‘How To’ Video

Is there a specific dish that your customers love? Why not use a quick 30s video to give them the number one tip in creating that dish?
If pizza is your speciality, why not explain to your customers how long you let the dough rest. Potential customers will see that you engage with your community and this will help build trust. Before you say that all of your secrets will be out there, remember – you get to decide what you show your audience. 

3. Promotional Video

Do you have a new menu item? Why not go one step further than images to really show your dish. A short 10 second video explaining the dish is all you need. 

Hopefully if you choose to implement any of these strategies of “Video Marketing For Your Cafe”, it will help bring more awareness to your business.

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