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More than 15 million Australians access Facebook each day and more than 10 million access Instagram each day. Promoting your business online through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, will only help to expand your reach and increase your brand awareness.

social media services we offer

1. Management + advertising + analytics

2. Advertising creation & campaigns + analytics

3 . Photography

4 . influencer marketing & collaboration

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At Pyxel, we use social media as a tool to grow your brands reputation and to build a community of engaged followers. We ensure to create content that communicates across multiple channels – from photography, animations, illustrations and written content. All while tracking results and innovating & adapting to reach the companies goals.

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Pyxel Media Social Media

Social Media Campaign Results

WT Pastry Bar

Williamstown Pastry Bar

Social Media Campaign Results

Eatilly Foodland - Pyxel

Social Media Campaign Results

Social media | Websites | Video Marketing

Social Media Campaign Results

park avenue park holme

Social Media Campaign Results

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australian coffee academy

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Williamstown Pastry Bar