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7 Tips Businesses Can Use to Improve SEO Through Google My Business

10th November 2019

Google My Business is not only for your business’s opening hours and services to show up on google, it’s also an important strategy that can be utilised to boost your SEO. Registering your business on Google My Business can increase your chances of showing up in Google’s Local Finder, Google Maps and organic rankings in general. Many local businesses claim their listing on Google and then leave it, however Google’s various features can be utilised – at NO COST.

Here are 7 SEO Tips on how to fully utilise Google My Business

1. Verify Your Business

This is fairly straightforward, but the first step is to register your business on Google My Business ( Once registered you will have the option to verify your business. A postcard will be sent from Google within 14 days with a PIN which you will need to enter in order to be verified and listed on Google. 

2. Complete your Profile

Google will guide you through the steps to fill out all the relevant information about your business. These include details such as your service area, your logo, operating hours, phone number, business address (if relevant) and products/services. If parts are left empty, Google will give others the option to “suggest an edit”. 

Add Products and Services

Filling out the products and services in your listing not only tells potential customers what you offer but it keeps them on your profile longer, making your listing more relevant. If your business is a restaurant, Google gives you the option of adding menu items. This is a handy tool as it allows customers to see an average price on your menu items but also helps optimise your listing.  

3. Ensure your Name, Address and Phone Number are Consistent Across all Platforms

Your business name, address and phone number should be the same across your website, social media profile and other directory’s as it shows Google that your business is legit and helps with your ranking. The consistency across your social profiles will then allow your social media icons to show up on your Google My Business listing.

4. Choose the Most Relevant Categories

 Google gives you the option of selecting one primary category and nine secondary categories. Ensure that your primary category is the most relevant to your business and then select a few more as your secondary category. Ensuring your category is the most relevant can help boost your ranking in Google. 

5. Include Images

Pictures in your Google My Business Listing can help to build trust with potential customers. It shows your customers what your business offers and what they can expect from your business. 

6. Reviews

One of the most important aspects of improving your ranking on Google is to get more reviews. Google uses the average star rating and the number of reviews to determine which businesses rank higher in Google Maps and Web Search.

But How Can I Get More Reviews?

Its simple, reach out to customers individually and ask them to leave a review on Google. You’ll be surprised by the number of customers that would gladly leave you a review. If your business doesn’t involve customer facing, a strategy that can help is through an email campaign asking customers to leave a review. One important factor to note is that Google can tell the legitimacy of you reviews, so creating fake accounts to leave reviews will only do more harm than good.

Respond to Your Reviews

Responding to your reviews is not only a simple way to say thank you to those customers who left a review but also shows potential customers that you are invested in your customers and community. Meaningful and individualised responses go a long way. Bad reviews are also a great way to improve your services but also to reach out to a dissatisfied customer and accommodate their request. (These customers usually end up being your biggest ambassadors).

7. Use Posts in Google My Business

Google My Business gives users the option to create posts that appear in search results. Posts can impact your ranking and improve SEO. Each post should contain over 100 words and include relevant keywords associated with your business. 

What type of posts can my business create? 

If you’re hosting an event, why not set up an event post with details and then add a call to action that takes them to the registration page or a page with more details on the event. 
If you have a sale on, create a sale event post with a link that takes them to the products or services on sale on your website.
New product in stock? Create a post with the image of your product and link it to a page where customers can make a purchase.

Finishing Note

In order to see how much traffic is coming from Google My Business to your website, you can set up Google Analytics to track this. 

Hopefully the SEO tips listed above have given you a reason to utilise your Google My Business account and make the most of it. 

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