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5 Tips on Increasing Video Watch Time Across Your Social Media

8th November 2019

Investing into videos for your social media can be time and money consuming, and the worst part is – if no one sees your video. You have this grand idea of a video and you take all the necessary steps to produce an amazing video – what’s next? Below are 5 tips you can use to maximise the reach of your video.

1. Paid Advertising

This is the most obvious one which many of you would’ve heard about now. Paid social media ads lets you target specific audiences based on your niche. Paid ads fit any budget as you get to choose how much you invest into them, this is a good way to test the waters if you’ve never done a social media ad before and if it works – then you know your investment isn’t going to waste. 

2. Upload Directly to the Platforms

Anything that makes it more convenient and faster for the user, will help retain engagement. 

3. Promote Your Videos Beforehand

Prior to posting your video, why not promote it with an image across your platforms. This keeps viewers curious about your video and will have them coming back to your profile when its posted. 

4. Include Captions

Depending on the type of video – explainer, Q&A, interview to name a few, including text on the video makes it more convenient for someone who can’t listen to the sound for whatever reason. 

5. Grab Attention Within First 10 Seconds

Your video should get straight to the point within the first 10s, as this may help retain attention for the remainder of the video. The intro shouldn’t be a long credits or logo scene but rather gets straight to the point with eye-catching visuals.

Hopefully these can help you promote your next video, and through trial and error, you’ll find what best suits your business. 

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“No Matter what you do, your job is to tell your story”. -Gary Vaynerchuk.

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